MH370 : Gambar Pesawat MH370 Dikesan Berada Di Pulau Andaman

MH370: Pesawat dikesan Berada Di Pulau Andaman | Satelite Image MH370 Andaman Islands|MH370 landed Andaman Islands | MH370 dijumpai dan dikesan kelihatan di dalam satelit di Andaman Islands. Menurut penganalisis imej digital CNN Jareen, imej ini beliau terjumpa sewaktu analisis Tomnod. Imej ini dijumpai ketika beliau melihat secara teliti imej digital satelit.

Penulis berasa gembira sekiranya itu adalah petunjuk awal untuk mengesan dimanakah kedudukan sebenar Pesawat MH370. Bagaimanapun berita ini masih belum ada pengesahan dari pihak berkuasa atau media Malaysia cuma merujuk berita dari iCNN report ini.


Berikut adalah petikan dari CNN

As a part of the crowd sourced initiative to find the missing plane, I was going through some of the Satellite Imagery from Mapbox. I decided to look closer to my home country – India, precisely in the Andaman Islands, as some news reports suggested that data from Radar Navigational Waypoints showed the plane was flying toward India’s Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

As I was scouring through the imagery (captured by DigitalGlobe Satellite QB02) , I stumbled upon what looked like a plane in the air. I was shocked & thought that this might be incorrect. I looked up the same coordinates on Google Maps. I did not find any signs of a plane (Coordinates:13.29431,92.99277).

From the image, you can see that this is a heavily forested area. You can actually see that the plane is flying very close to the ground, as the clouds appear to be way higher than where the aircraft is flying (The image appeares ghosted because of the speed of the flying plane). This could be a way of avoiding detection by ground based Primary Radar. Since the plane’s Transponders were turned off, Secondary Radar cannot detect it either. I believe the plane might be headed further north from that point onwards.

The Shibpur Airstrip, which to the south of this location is 0.62 miles long. It is not possible for a commercial jet like the Boeing 777-200 ER to land here. Also, it’s an Indian Naval Airstrip, not used for commercial use. The Plane in the image is a commercial airliner.

Please see this link where I actually looked up this image:,brunosan.FlightMH370.html?secure=1#17/13.29431/92.99277

With my limited resources, I am unable to probe further. I request anyone with the technical knowhow & the necessary resources to validate this sighting, thereby doing a great service to the people aboard the ill-stricken plane and their families. Saying so, I sincerely hope that this Flight & its Pasengers are safe, wherever they are now. #PrayForMH370

( Trivia: Flight 370 was the 404th Boeing 777 produced and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31 May 2002. Ironically, most of us know what the 404 error in HTTP means! )

Sekiranya benar kita sama sama berdoa agar semua penumpang didalam berada didalam keadaan selamat walaupun telah berada di satu tempat khas penyembunyian pada semua penumpang MH370.